Driving standard in Ireland is on the floor

The purpose of this post is to call out the ever decreasing level of driving standards in Ireland. I have observed in recent months and years that an increasing number of drivers are a complete danger to themselves and others on the Irish roads.

I will firstly acknowledge campaigns by the Road Safety Authority to tackle issues such as mobile phone use and drink/drug driving which are big problems in Ireland. Sadly despite these safety campaigns, this problem is likely to be at epidemic levels. I am aware that it can be difficult to identify drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs except in extreme circumstances and we do rely on An Garda Siochána to detect this. Mobile phone use is an easy problem to identify because simply by driving around, a person can observe many motorists holding and using a mobile phone when they are supposed to be driving. I am quite surprised that An Garda Siochána are not detecting more motorists holding a mobile phone while driving and I would question how observant they are while performing their duties.

I want to call out what can only be deemed a failure on the part of the Road Safety Authority when it comes to speeding and tailgating (driving too close to the vehicle in front). I identify motorists driving well in excess of the speed limit on a daily basis and where a law-abiding motorist wishes to stay at or within the speed limit, they are tailgated and intimidated by these bullying motorists. An example of where this happened was one day while I was driving home and sticking to the speed limit, I was tailgated by a motorist displaying an ‘N’ plate on their car. This bully of a motorist decided to tailgate and beep the horn simply because I was driving at the speed limit and they appeared to be unaware of the speed limit or even the basic rules of the road despite allegedly passing the driving test. I have raised the issue of tailgating with the Road Safety Authority on numerous occasions and highlighted the complete lack of any form of safety campaign to tackle this issue. I firmly believe the Road Safety Authority are being negligent at this point by failing to tackle an issue that appears to be at epidemic levels in this country. It is abundantly clear that tailgating is a highly dangerous practice. Tailgating or driving too close to the vehicle in front is also a penalty point offence. I have also observed cases where a motorist is tailgated and An Garda Siochána clearly turn a blind eye to the practice by failing to intervene and stamp out this form of dangerous driving. It can be safely concluded that An Garda Siochána are also being extremely negligent.

Another problem which appears to be at epidemic levels in Ireland is the practice where motorists and cyclists fail to obey traffic lights and seem quite happy to sail through while the light is red. I see this happening multiple times every single day. This too is a penalty point offence. This is also not correctly enforced by An Garda Siochána. This has also not been the subject of any safety campaign by the Road Safety Authority. The Road Safety Authority seem to naively assume that this is not an issue on Irish roads.

I will acknowledge that changes have been made in recent years that require learner motorists to sit a minimum number of driving lessons with a registered and qualified driving instructor before sitting a test. This is a positive thing. Sadly, this failed to adequately improve the standard of driving in Ireland because the driving test in Ireland is not fit for purpose and has not been for many years. It seems to be too easy for uneducated, unqualified, and inexperienced motorists to achieve a pass and an example of this is as I explained above. Other issues with the driving test in Ireland is the constant lengthy waiting lists leading to desperate motorists to take chances and decide to drive unaccompanied without waiting to sit and pass the driving test. In addition to learner drivers on the Irish road who have not passed a driving test, Ireland still has a problem with another category of unqualified driver on the road. This category of unqualified driver obtained a full driving licence thanks to the idiotic amnesty declared by disgraced TD Sylvester Barrett. As a direct result of this amnesty, Ireland still have a large number of unqualified drivers on our roads posing a clear danger to themselves and others. These drivers cannot argue that they are experienced because years of bad habits that have not been corrected is bad or poor experience which results in a dangerous driver. Bad experience is arguably the same as no experience.

To conclude, it is clear that, despite efforts to date by An Garda Siochána and the Road Safety Authority, the Irish road is becoming a more dangerous place to be rather than the opposite which would be the intention. I would like to see safer roads in Ireland, unfortunately that will not happen unless more is done to educate motorists and enforce road traffic laws in this country.

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