Cycle of Light 2019 complete

Last Friday I took to the streets of Dublin for a 35km cycle which included cycling over Howth Hill as part of the annual Cycle of Light sponsored by Fujitsu. It was a beautiful, dry evening and thankfully not at all cold. The views of the lights of Dublin from Howth Hill at night are truly spectacular.

Peter after Cycle of Light

The motivation behind this stunning night time cycle was to raise funds for the work of the National Council for the Blind Ireland (NCBI). I believe strongly in the work that the NCBI do for people with visual impairments. My own life has been touched by visual impairment because people close to me have been affected. My fundraising exceeded €690 and fundraising by the Fujitsu team combined has climbed to almost €3,000.

Feeling tired and happy after completing the Cycle of Light, I engaged in R&R over the weekend to re-charge for the week ahead.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who donated to this very worthy cause for their very generous support. I understand there may still be time to donate before the page closes. If you would like to donate, I suggest doing it soon so as not to miss out.

Update 28/04/2020: As of 9th September 2019, my final fundraising figure reached €720.

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