Keep motoring safely with the Drive Safe app

The must have app for all drivers is Drive Safe developed by Andrew Irwin. The app automatically detects when you are driving and switches the phone to silent to remove the distraction of calls, text messages and all other alerts such as those generated by email and social media. The app gives you the option to disable the call or text response if you have either a hands free speaker or a text message reader in your car. You can customise the response to calls and texts which is an automatic text to let the person trying to contact you that you are currently driving and you will contact them later.

I believe this app has taken a simple idea and executed it brilliantly and I cannot recommend it enough for all drivers. It automatically removes the distraction of a mobile phone without the driver having to remember to consciously switch it off.

The Road Safety Authority, the AA, and insurance companies should be encouraging people to use this app. Promoting this app is the logical next step to the television campaigns that are already run by the Road Safety Authority.

The one disadvantage is that it does not appear to be available for iOS yet. Let us hope a version can be created so that iPhone users can also use the Drive Safe app.

If you have an Android smartphone, go download the Drive Safe app today from the Google Play Store.

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