A hairy time of year…

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This year I am once again taking an active part in the Movember campaign. I have been growing and grooming a moustache for Movember every year since 2012. This year will be my seventh year getting involved in this campaign. In addition to sacrificing my upper lip, I will also be aiming to Move each […]

Debunking myths surrounding the HPV vaccine

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There is a lot of misinformation, myths, and scaremongering circulating on social media. This is a key reason for people to seek information from genuine and trustworthy sources backed by scientific evidence. Social media should not be the place for people to go when researching the Gardasil / HPV vaccine. The rumours and misinformation are […]

My latest trick

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A little over a month ago I published a new portfolio website to showcase a sample of my work between 2007 and present day. My work includes a wide selection of projects from websites for businesses or voluntary organisations or even just for fun to web applications worked on as side projects. The websites and […]

Online vigilante groups – more harm than good?

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There has been a lot of focus in recent weeks on the safety of children online and in particular with the use of social media. A number of groups have been attempting to combat online predators through the use of decoy social media profiles. These groups valiantly defend their actions and methods and deny that […]

Keep motoring safely with the Drive Safe app

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The must have app for all drivers is Drive Safe developed by Andrew Irwin. The app automatically detects when you are driving and switches the phone to silent to remove the distraction of calls, text messages and all other alerts such as those generated by email and social media. The app gives you the option […]

BITC Awards 2016

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About ten days ago, I attended the Business in the Community (BITC) Awards 2016 hosted by Fujitsu. The BITC is one of HRH Prince of Wales charities and HRH Prince Charles himself was in attendance. I was there to setup equipment, displays, and demonstrations of the work I had been doing with Fujitsu throughout the […]

Linking to JQuery UI accordion headers

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I noticed recently that a number of people have tried to link to the headers of the JQuery UI accordion widget from a link on an external page so that when the page containing the widget loads, the selected menu is expanded. Quite a few of these people have found a solution that suited their┬áneeds. […]